Coming June 2017

Go Blade to Blade Against
The Best of the Best

Coming soon is your chance to enter the first ever, 100% online Wahl barber battle competition. Win the ultimate bragging rights over hundreds of other barbers across the country – and a one-year honorary position on the coveted Wahl Education & Artistic Team.

You’ll have 15 minutes in video to showcase your mastery of three different styles:

  1. Bald Fade
  2. Pompadour
  3. Your own creative cut that stretches the limit of artistry

You think you’re the best barber around.

Now you can prove you’re the best barber anywhere in the U.S.

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Take Your Place on the #WinnersWahl

If your cuts really wow our judges, you’ll win some seriously cool prizes.

Grand Prize:

  • A year-long honorary place on W.E.A.T.
  • The complete 5 Star line of clippers, trimmers, & shavers
  • WAHL® hat, cape, and other goodies
  • Plus, the ultimate satisfaction of being the best of the best

Total Value: $1,290

2nd Place:

  • 3 clippers
  • 3 trimmers
  • 5 Star Finale Finishing Tool
  • Wahl® hat, cape, and other goodies

Total Value: $615

3rd Place:

  • WAHL® Barber Combo + Finale
  • WAHL® prize package

Total Value: $285

Grand Prize Package includes all pictured and more!

Prepare for Battle

Be sure to read the entire rules and regulations here, but below are some of the highlights.

Eligible participants will:

  • Be a legal US resident. See official rules for restrictions
  • Be 18 years of age or older at time of entry
  • Have a valid barber/cosmetology license
  • Be a WAHL® Ambassador. If you’re not already, sign-up at the bottom of this page. It’s a totally free program with information that’s shaping the industry for the better.

Submissions must:

  • Demonstrate your execution of 3 different styles: classic pompadour, bald fade, and your own creative cut
  • Be completely original (recordings from previous contests will be excluded)
  • Be uploaded in video format (.mov/.mp4) no later than 10:59:59 am EST on June 30th, 2017
  • Be timelapsed or edited to 15 minutes in length maximum. Use careful editing, we need to see the entire cut.
  • Only use WAHL® clippers, trimmers, and shavers for cutting/styling purposes (this is the WAHL® Online Barber Battle, after all).
  • Refrain from showing any logos or brand names other than WAHL®
  • Display only the barber/stylist and model. You want the judges focused on your work, not the background. Right?
  • Include a one-time fee of $75 to be paid via credit card online as part of the entry process

Each cut will have a maximum of 100 points for a total of 300 points available. Styling techniques, precision of blends and outlines, and the overall look are some of the scoring factors that will be considered.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Entrants.

Winners will be notified in August.

Battle Tips

  1. Check out the sample video put together by W.E.A.T. member Rick Morin. Seriously, watch the whole thing.
  2. Be authentic. This is a chance to showcase your skills and expertise on a one-of-a-kind stage.
  3. Take risks. Originality is desired – and rewarded – when executed flawlessly.
  4. Presentation is (practically) everything. Befriend a videographer. Rent recording equipment.
  5. Read the entire judging criteria on the official rules page so you have a complete understanding of what you’ll be judged against.
  6. Choose your models wisely. Certain styles look better on certain hair.
  7. Practice the cuts. Even if you think you have everything mastered, it helps to brush up on finishing techniques and all the little things that will turn your work into works of art.

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