Wahl Professional

Blades, Sweat and Tears.

To Win, You Have to Give It Your All.

The one and only event of its kind makes its undisputed triumphant return to the online battlefield.

Wield your Wahl trimmers and clippers of choice to earn the unique distinction of being honored among the industry’s best of the best.

Three Cuts. One Champion.

Show your mastery of three different styles:

  • Classic Bald Fade
  • Creative Cut
  • Pompadour or Textured Crop

The battlers whose submissions most impress our judges will earn serious industry clout, plus other notable prizes:

Grand Prize:

Honorary one-year membership to the Wahl Education & Artistic Team

Complete 5 Star Line of tools

Wahl Prize package

Second Prize:

Membership to the Wahl Select Barbers program

3 clippers, 3 trimmers and Finale

Wahl Prize package

Third Prize:

Barber Combo and Finale

Wahl Prize package

Watch a Master at Work

Industry barber battle legend and W.E.A.T member Rick Morin shows what an ideal video submission looks and sounds like.

Pro Tip: When making your video, give the judges a commentary on your approach and some insight on your decision making.

A Word of Advice: Have your models sign the Releases during the video session.

All eligible winners must have these signed.

Read the Rules: Every battle has rules, even ours. Take the time to Read Them in Their Entirety. We want your work to be officially allowed for consideration.

FAQs: Our online barber battle is an industry first, so you might have some questions.

Here Are Some Answers you might find helpful before starting.

Step onto the Battlefield

Show your mettle and start the entry process now. You'll be able to return to your account and upload your completed video when it's ready.

The Battle Ends June 29th

We can’t wait to see your skills in action. You're going against some of the most talented barbers and stylists in the industry.