Barber Battle - Bar

Your Weapons: Clippers and Trimmers

Your Ammo: Hard-Earned Skills

Barber Battle - Bar
Wahl Barber Battle

Few possess your talents. Even fewer are bold enough to compete.

But if you have the guts to bet on your talent, you can join the very small circle of Wahl Barber Battle champions.

This year's challenge:

The Afro
The Taper
Your Signature Cut

NEW THIS YEAR: You may use live models or mannequins for your styles. We want a healthy competition.
Please be aware of CDC guidelines and safety practices regarding masks, cleaning procedures, customer contact and distancing.

Blade-to-Blade Combat resumes October 1st, 2020 and Ends January 5th, 2021

Grand Prize:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Barber Battle - Bar

Learn from a Master

2019 Barber Battle Champion Andrew Rosario shows how to approach this year’s cuts with an in-depth, informative video playbook. Watch the master at work and put your takeaways into action.

Barber Battle - Bar

Prepare for Battle Starting… Now

Scout. Practice. Envision.

Do whatever it takes to get a jump on the competition so you can upload your
completed entry by this year’s extended deadline of January 5TH.

Good Luck. You’ll need it. You’re going against some of the most talented
barbers and stylists in the industry.

Go to battle